Dear world journalists,

The situation in Slovakia is very serious and we think you should be informed.

The new government of Igor Matovič has been in the office for 11 months, which is a relatively short period of time, but the devastation of the country is enormous whether we consider the economy or human rights.

Igor Matovič is well-known by the fact that uses mafia methods to achieve his goals. Probably this is also the reason why mainstream journalists are quite often silent about the real events in Slovakia. Therefore, allow me to explain to you how things are in Slovakia and who Igor Matovič really is.

Matovič as Dr. Mengele

When Igor Matovič performed nationwide antigen testing on Slovak population in November 2020, he must have felt like Dr. Mengele. Dr. Mengele also experimented with people without their consent. Although Igor Matovič secured the consent of the people, he has done it under duress. Those who did not get tested could not go to work, were in danger of problems with their employers, risked loss of income, perhaps even dismissals. 3.6 out of 5.5 million people reluctantly agreed and obediently lined up at collection points to stand in line among infected people in cold and freezing weather and donate their biological material to the government. Yes, they donated their biological material because testing was legally defined as the donation of biological material. In return the people received a blue paper, a document, which gave them freedom. Igor Matovič invented blue certificates, which people were supposed to prove. They had their results of the Covid-19 antigen tests written on the blue piece of paper. This blue piece of paper was supposed to give them freedom of movement.

False negativity kills

The problem is that the blue pieces of paper that documented the negativity of the citizens did not have to carry true information at all. The sensitivity of antigen tests is said to be only 58%, so 42% of positive people who had taken the test, were declared false negativity. These positive people had the right to move freely, to go to work, to go to shops and to spread the virus freely. People who were not tested, ie those who did not agree to donate their biological material to the government, were forced to remain in lockdown, ie under house arrest. Lockdown is a very expensive measure, which destroys the state’s economy. Matovič thus sabotaged this lockdown by his own measures, because on the one hand he forced people to be locked at home, thus trying to eliminate the virus, on the other hand he allowed falsely negative people to spread the virus in society.

Matovič showing the European Commission the results of mass antigen testing in Slovakia.

Guinea pigs of Europe with blessing of Merkel

By giving people a document stating their false negativity and allowing these people to move in society, Matovič took legal responsibility for all following infections and thus deaths as a result of Covid-19. In a video message to the European Commission, Matovič admitted to European leaders that the whole of Europe was waiting for the results of the experiment conducted on the Slovak nation, interpreting the decision to perform the trial deceptively as the will of the people (I quote: “…we, together with millions of people, decided that…”). In reality, the nation didn’t want to get massively tested at all. This experiment on Slovaks was also blessed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the European Commission allegedly waited anxiously for the results of this human experiment. And the results of this human experiment is such that Slovakia has the highest number of deaths per capita from Covid-19 in the world, probably because Matovič has gathered 3.6 million people in 5,000 testing centers, mixing healthy people with positives and infecting large numbers of people. Merkel may be pleased that she did not have to perform a similar experiment on the Germans.

Matovič as a briber

When the first round of the mass testing was about to happen and nobody wanted to participate in it, Matovič stepped in front of the cameras and, directly in the TV, offered a great bonus to that medical personnel that would take part in it. The amount was equivalent to a monthly salary of common people. This could be considered as a bribery. He simply bought these people and these people participated in return of the money even though the mass testing was unethical and illegal.

Psychopath’s public confession

After mass testing, Matovič apologized in TV for setting the test conditions in such a manner that forced people to get tested. The psychopath needed to publicly confess to committing the criminal offence of gross coercion in a crisis situation, which could sentence him for life prison. He basically expressed his psychopathic deviation and probably got excited by the fact that nobody dared to immediately arrest him because at the moment he was untouchable prime minister. At other times, he confessed to taking responsibility for the 4,000 people who died of Covid-19 in a result of the spread of the virus.

Solution against widespread infection – more testing

It should be added that Matovič subsequently made it necessary for people to get tested every seven days and entrusted this task to mayors who eventually began to revolt against him. This decision was not changed even after one senior citizen had died from a heart attack or other people had fallen unconscious having waited in a queue for a few hours and many other had left the testing centers with bloody noses.

Criminal liability

As a result of testing, Matovič also has a legal problem, as he is suspected of committing serious crimes. From the very beginning, it was clear to Matovič that testing by the coercive form he had chosen was not supported by the Constitution, nor was the lockdown of a selected part of the population, as this procedure could be perceived as apartheid, which is a serious crime.

Matovič’es white horses

In order to avoid criminal liability, Matovič produced a white horse from the very beginning, Chief Hygienist Mikas, to whom all the blame will be imposed once. The white horse is a mafia slang. The principle is to pass all the guilt onto one unimportant and helpless individual who will be punished instead of the real criminals.

Matovič produced such a white horse, Chief Hygienist Ján Mikas, who is only an unimportant official of an insignificant office, but Matovič had him issue decrees, generally binding legal regulations (almost laws), although Mikas has no official authority for this, because such authority was not delegated to him by law. This is a manifestly illegal act, but, it seems, Matovič, who surrounded himself by a weird Christian sect, does not care. Although Matovič often shouts that Fico, the former prime minister, is a mafia, everyone knows that Matovič is just a Mafioso drawing an attention to someone else to cover up the fact that he himself uses mafia methods. The prosecutor has stated that two of Mikas’es regulations are illegal but it is very likely that the prosecutor will eventually have to admit that all Mikas’es regulations are illegal.

Invalid governmental orders

Matovič produced another legal issue because his government declared the state of emergency by a simple executive resolution, while to exercise the law, it is necessary use a different legal institute, particularly an executive order. Likewise, the government incorrectly issues instructions to citizens only by executive resolutions, while executive resolutions, unlike the executive orders, are not binding on citizens.


In response to the illegal way of conducting nationwide testing and circumvention of citizens’ constitutional rights, the Matovič’es government has encountered an unprecedented wave of resistance and antigovernmental demonstrations that Matovič suppressed by water cannons. The fear from people’s anger made the Matovič’es government amend the Constitution to be able to prolong the state of emergency practically indefinitely (what is actually happening) to prevent demonstrations and be able to legally steal.

Business with tests

Matovič, originally from the city of Trnava, introduced a state of emergency in Slovakia so that he could bypass the public procurement procedure, which is to ensure the best price of deals for the country. He bypassed the public procurement and directly bought antigen tests from a Trnavian company, the owner of which is also the director of a private school being attended by Matovič’s children. The State favored this particular firm, although the firm had debts to the State and such firms are excluded from trading with the State. There is a suspicion that this is show-case corruption or abduction. This essentially unknown garage company has earned tens of millions of euros from the State. In this context, Matovič’es motivation to test massively seems rather as an effort to keep buying and spending the tests and benefit extensively on the Covid-19 crisis.

Slovakia worst in the number of deaths

The fact is that despite Prime Minister Matovič’s effort to be the best country in the fight against Covid-19, probably also because of his mass testing and grouping of people in test centers, Slovakia ended up with the largest loss of life per capita in the world. Slovakia did not avoid the expensive lockdown that is devastating the economy, but thanks to mass testing, Matovič basically sabotaged his lockdown, because he constantly released false negative people into society. The conclusion is that Slovakia had not only borne lockdown, but also mass testing, so the country must bear the costs of lockdown AND testing, while achieving the worst results in the fight against Covid-19.

Children in the hands of a psychopath

In order for the tests to be used even more, the Matovič’es sect came up with the idea that they would condition the possibility for children to attend school only with a negative test, while the Constitution gives all children the right to education and this right cannot be conditioned by donating genetic material to the government. To make matters worse, in addition to the tested child, one of the parents had to be tested as well. Not both parents, only one was enough, as if the other parent could not be positive.

Matovic as a dictator

Dear journalists, when we talk about OĽANO, Matovič’es party, it must be said that Matovič has a completely wrong and distorted idea of ​​democracy. While in other countries there are large political parties with thousands of members, Matovič’es OĽANO has had an incredible 13 members for many years, mostly his relatives and colleagues from his private company. All the millions of euros that OĽANO received from the state for the parliamentary elections were thus controlled by only a small group of people. Matovič said that he didn’t need more members.

Matovič’es sect

Matovič’es OĽANO, although presented as a movement of ordinary people, according to which the movement also has acquired its name Ordinary People and Independent Personalities, is largely a substitute for the Christian KDH (Christian-Democratic Movement), which has not gained great popularity among Slovaks. The whole OĽANO appears as a weird sect of religious fanatics, where Matovic’es Health Minister Marek Krajčí gives religious lectures on how the Holy Spirit passed through his body in the form of bubbles and how he is drunk with the blood of Christ. Another Matovič’es minister, Finance Minister Heger, also invokes the Holy Spirit and gives religious lectures.

Christians first!

It is clear that the government of Igor Matovič is very keen in installing Christian-Democratic losers in key positions and thus bring the country under the control of the Christian clergy. Matovič’es Minister of Health Krajčí publicly commented on the preference of Christian believers in occupying state positions, yes, he is the one who is permeated by the Holy Spirit in the form of bubbles and who is drunk with the blood of Christ. This is a clear discrimination of non-Christian believers and atheists.

Democracy in decline

Dear journalists, Slovakia fell under the sectarian rule of Igor Matovič by five degrees in the international world index of democracy, while Slovakia was overtaken by such countries as Colombia, Malaysia, Trinidad or Tobago. As the opposition MP Ľuboš Blaha pointed out, politics are dominated by drug cartels in Colombia, revolutionaries are fighting in the mountains, and young gangs will attack you and stab you in the streets of Bogota at any time. Slovaks have become guinea pigs of Europe, tested prisoners, tortured, harassed and starved in order to break their strong will to resist the attempts of a mad testing maniac. They were treated in the most humiliating way possible.

The criminal regime will be overthrown

Dear journalists, the Slovaks compare Igor Matovič to Hitler and see the only salvation in the overthrowing of the government. It is possible to overthrow the government only by exercising civic resistance according to Article 32 of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic or by calling a referendum for early elections. Although the second option is preferred, it is possible that Slovaks will use the first option before the referendum is called. Today, Igor Matovič is already quite afraid for his life, because he even replaced the government limousine with an armored vehicle. After the abolition of Matovič’es brutal regime, it will be necessary to establish a commission of inquiry in Slovakia and declare all legal acts of the Matovič’es government invalid and criminal. All convicted opponents of the Matovič’es regime will have to be acquitted, as well as all those fined and executed will have to be compensated. The proclamation of the Matovič’es regime as a period of tyranny and injustice, and the punishment of all the minions of the illegal regime will end one abominable era in the history of the proud Slovak nation.

Dear journalists, the Slovak nation hopes that you will inform about the unprecedented human rights violation committed by prime minister Igor Matovič.


The Slovak people

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  • Milan 2

    áno, je to tak, Ak by som AG testery veľmi nechcel vyhodiť, tak modrý papierik by som vydal až po trojnásobnom pretestovaní á tri dni. A aj potom by modrý papierik mal len akú takú vierohodnosť. Dnes je to len zdrap papiera, je strata času tam chodiť, 2 z troch nakazených dnes odchádzajú s klamlivým modrým papierom. Strašné! Ja som bol pôvodne zástancom novembrového trojitého pretestovania, ale spravilo sa len dvojité, bolo to odsabotované. Dnes už to čo sa robí, nemá žiaden zmysel. To malo byť už pred 2 týždňami zastavené. Ale otázka je, že prečo tí čo to riadia (Krajčí? či kto rozhoduje – možno je to dajaký úradník Jano, či Fero, niekto v pozadí MZ SR) už pred mesiacom nenariadili zmysluplnú vec, čo používajú už od leta v Bolívií, či Indií, a teda že každý pozitívny OKAMŽITE dostane balíček vitamínov a liekov a hlavne IVERMEKTIN. Najhoršie vo vojne je, ak armádu riadia nekompetentní chaotici, a vojakom
    sa nedodávad dostatok a načas munície (Intermectin a vitamín D3 ). Takto riadená armáda, aj tá najlepšia je rýchlo porazená. Treba týchto neschopných chaotikov na čele MZ čím skôr vymeniť, asi by som na čelo Min.Zdravotníctva dosadil štáb vojenských lekárov – tí sú totiž školení na to, aby reagovali rýchlo a sú školení paradiť si aj s málom. Mrzí ma, že za socializmu sme tak pomáhali Indií a oni nám nepomôžu. Majú skvelé, pozitívnei skúsenosti s rozdávaním lieku Ivermectin a dnes v jedno miliardovej Indií denne nájdu iba 10.000 nakazených, v 5 miliónovom Slovensku 5.000) a nepomohli nám žiadnou radou. Čo robí indický veľvyslanec, však toto musí vidieť. Čísla musia všetkým už 3 týždne ukazovať, že to dnes u nás neriadia dobre. Čudujem sa, že pred mesiacom ľudia vychádzali do ulíc, a teraz sú ticho. Kto mlčí, ten svedčí? Však Ivermectín dodali až po dvoch mesiacoch iba 9.000 balení, pritom denne sa nakazí 20.000 ľudí- podľa vzoru z Indie, tých 9.000 kusov to je len denná potreba. A ten čo o tom rozhoduje je v pohode. Už mal byť vyhodený z miesta – zjavne je nekompetentný a obmedzený. Je to niekto podobný, ako bol Kováčik na špeciálnej prokuratúre.

  • Bynk

    Milan 2 zabudol sí že testujeme šuntovými testami ktoré podla Matoviča patria do Dunaja ale ktoré nás cez Trnafskú firmu stáli už milióni. Antigénové testy majú len 30% účinnosť. To znamená že 0,5% krát tri sa rovná 1,5% v skutočnosti, len to 1% je testované ako negatívne takže šíria vírus další týžden kým ich neodhalia alebo sa sami neviliečia bez príznakov. :-)

  • Milan 2

    Vážená pani Blažena,

    pri Vašich schopnostiach, sa aj trochu čudujem, prečo strácate čas, píšete Macronovi. jeho
    Slovensko a Matovič nezaujíma. My sami si s tým doma musíme poradiť.

    Ja sem skôr pridám matematický rébus s Coronou:

    1. Dnes sa pri každodennom testovaní odhalí cca 0,5% nakazených. Čiže z 200 testovaných testy zistia cca jedného nakazeného. Tak to dnes vychádza.

    Keďže je nás 5 miliónov, tak to znamená, že u nás je sústavne 0,5% nakazených, čiže iba 25.000 ľudí. Keďže test zachytí Coronu po dobu 10 dní, z toho vychádza, že denne sa nakazí 2.500 ľudí, denne sa 2.500 nakazí, ten istý počet vylieči a zomrie z toho 12 ľudí .

    2. To ale vôbec nesedí s tým, že nám denne zomiera 100 ľudí.
    Totiž podľa WHO na Coronu zomiera iba každý dvestý nakazený. Z toho by vyplývalo, že v SR sa denne nakazí v skutočnosti 20.000 ľudí.

    Medzi 1. a 2. výpočtom teda niečo nesedí, čísla 2.500 a 20.000 sa nezhodujú, pritom by sa mali.

    Obrovský rozdiel medzi nimi znamená, že buď sa zle testuje a zachytí sa iba každý desiaty v skutočnosti nakazený (čo poukazuje na nekvalité testery), alebo úmrtnosť je v SR v skutočnosti 10x vyššia ako udáva WHO. Čo by znamenalo, že v SR zomiera každý 20 nakazený a teda tu máme vlastný kmeň Corony, 10x smrtnejší, ako bola pôvodná Corona 19.

    Osobne si myslím, že skôr to prvé – zrejme testery sú úplne nekvalitné. Prepúšťajú nám do voľného obehu nie zdravých, ale v skutočnosti na Coronu chorých ľudí. Inými slovami, z desiatich chorých ľudí zachytia len jedného chorého, deväť prechádza medzi zdravých a infikuje ich. A preto sa samozrejme nedá pandémia zastaviť.
    Dnes to vychádza tak, že pre toto sa mesačne sa nakazí 600.000 ľudí.
    Treba teda okamžite pretestovať testery a zistiť čo je to za nekvalita. A testuje sa a testuje….ako keď sa dá nefunkčný dozimeter na klopu.

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